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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Paupers Ride The Bus

Here are some more places to visit for great deals on bus travel:

Green Tortoise Bus Tours is specifically designed for budget travel. Sleeper coaches are great. You explore by day, and at night soft music lulls you to sleep. You can gather up points on some travel destinations that add up to free trips. Call 800-TORTOISE and visit by clicking here.

Oz Experience is an Australian outfit with many differnt routes and you can get a 6-moth pass with unlimited stops. Visit them by clicking here.

Baz Bus is South Africa all around with passes good for up to 3 years. Visit here.

Kiwi Experience is New Zealand's premier bus company with trips to both the north and south islands for one low rate. Visit htem by clicking here.

Traveling Paupers have a saying: "The rich fly, the middle class take trains, and Paupers ride the bus!" That's because buses are a great deal...el cheapo! The best transportation value, bar none!

Best advice: try for an "express" bus whenever possible. These travel from one place to your final destination with far fewer 'stops' in every little town and hamlet that ever existed!


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