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Monday, July 17, 2006

Travel Bookstores

Bookstores that specialize in travel books and maps usually have experienced travelers on staff who will happily talk about your trip planning and destinations. An example of the next generation of travel resources is in Austin Texas, in the form of a chain of superstores named TravelFest (800-343-3378) They offer thousands of travel books, maps, videos, a full range of travel equipment (luggage, first aid kits, etc.), plus travel agents that know about international travel.

The Adventure Traveler Bookstore, carrying more than 3,000 guides on travel in remote places, operates by mail and online. For a free catalogue call 800-282-3963, or visit them on the web here.

International Video Network offers 60-90 minute videos ($25.-30.) of sites around the owrld. These videos were produced by Reader's Digest, Video Visits, Fodor's, and Rand McNally, among others. Call them at 800-669-4486 for information.


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