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Sunday, May 28, 2006

It's A Natural Travel Resource

As many of you know, I offer a very effective e-course titled: "The Top 100 Travel Planning Websites". It's a 12 day, e-mailed lesson pak that really makes you a pro when it comes to doing your OWN online search for the best bargains and ultra-cheap travel (you can get yours at my website here).

But there is one source I want to taut today that is often dismissed by Traveling Paupers and it shouldn't be.

National Tourist Offices
These are really excellent resources and you can call the embassies of the countries you wish to visit and ask for the tourist information office. They'll be delighted to send you information presenting their country in its best light. I always ask about late breaking info or permit requirements.
Many countries also have an extensive network of tourist offices in-country that can make your travels much easier. Networks in India and New Zealand, for instance, are two of the best.


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