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Monday, February 19, 2007

Tips On Bus Travel

1. Leg Room- some buses feel cramped to taller Paupers. Their knees get scrunched up to their chins and they constatnly feel the need to lay their legs across an empty seat next to them just so they can spread out!

What to do?

On trips longer than an hour try and get a reserved seat in the front row (more leg room), if no reservations are accepted then ask the driver informally to help you secure that seat. At worst, just get to the bus before anyone else and position yourself ocmfortably in the first row--- and grit your teeth, and hold on to it with your life!

2. Double Up!-If you have a double decker bus, always try and get up to the top (roof) section. The seating is usually better in terms of space, fresh air and better views of the scenery.

3. Bus Vs. Train Time!-Except in Europe and Japan, a bus usually reaches its destination faster than a train (except trains like the super fast Acela in the US) unless the buss breaks down! Most drivers are trained to fix most problems, so this is a rare occurence.

4. Snack!- Bring a snack on board. Some buses seem to stop every 10 minutes (that's why we like 'express' bus trips) but others can go a long time between stops. The snack makes for a more pleasant journey.

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