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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

City By City- Lisbon

It's easy to vacation on the cheap in Lisbon, which is still very inexpensive by European standards. Restaurants are resonable, taxis are cheap, a nice night out can find a Pauper with plenty of money left in his or her pocket.

Eats On The Cheap

If you're spending a lot on dinner, then you've been reading too many Michelin guides! Go with the locals to Cantinho das Gaveas in the lively and young Bairro Alto neighborhood, where an authentic Protugese meal with wine costs less than $25. at $1.24 to the euro. Want to go even lower? Of course you do! Dinner for less than 15 euros is no problemo at Brusketta a sleek, barrel-ceiling restaurant the offers open-faced sandwiches with innovative tapaslike toppings. Great bar? Try Bedroom.

Lodging For Paupers

Let's shoot for osmething under 100 euros. Pensao Casa de Sao Mamede is a great place with is still run by the woman of the house with Old World granny charm. Clean, charming, and conveniently near Principe Real. Single Paupers get in for 65 to 75 euros a night.

Cultural Fads

You'll see lots of ads for 'fado', the melancholy Portugese folk music. But don't bother, most shows a pure cliche' and touristy. But for 5 to 20 euros you can enjoy the Portugese Symphony Orchestra with perfomances in the Centro Culrtural de Belem. Visit here. National museums and monuments cost around 3 to 5 euros and they're FREE on Sundays until 2 PM.

This is a great city for walking. just bring your comfortable Pauper shoes and for the best free views of the city start at Bairro Alto, then cross over to Chiado along Rua do Carmo, then traipse up the hill to Castelo de Sao Jorge.

Best Money Saving Tip

Stick to just one Portugese tile ( azulejo), ok? They are gorgeuos and you'll want to load up on them, I'm sure. Try photographing the rest.


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