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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Find A Podcast For Travel

Let's look at some ways to find good independent travel podcasts. By the way, podcasts are just audio recordings you can download to iPods or other MP3 players for free.

If you scour iTunes and or simply ask around you can find some really sassy and informative podcasts you'll enjoy.

I found, a popular show about Hawaii, which showed me about more than the typical 'tropical island' motif we all think revealed the actual people that live on the islands.
The same thing with Las Vegas. This is another destination that most of us never really get to take advantage of like a local. But if you listen to the Lonely Planets podcast you can discover places like The Freakin' Frog, which serves about 500 different beers, or Big B's CD's & Records, an independent record store. LV is not just gaming tables and glitzy shows, it's got a real heartbeat out there in the desert that Traveling Paupers will love.

At this point, podcasts seem to be more of a supplement and not a threat to the guidebook industry. After all, they are not structured to replace the reassurance and detail of a guidebook. But boy, do they ever add flavor and personalization to a travel experience.

So the next trip pack your iPod, download some podcasts and listen to what the locals have to say.


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