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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

City By City- Get A Bang For Your Euro!

Live well, spend less...can we do that in Europe these days?

Let's pick a few cities. I've researched the latest news for you.


Finally, the French Government has withdrawn a disputed youth labor law that caused so much rioting in the City of Light. So you shouldn't run into any mace or riot control police on your strolls down the Champ- Elysees.

Around every corner is another bistro, good food, all the time, everywhere. A little jewel is hidden away at 15th Arrondissement called Le Troquet. Lively, smoked filled, six courses available. Laps up about 38 Euro ($47.) for the full six courses---yes, I know its amazing, all that food for that price. But look, you can bring a fellow PAUPER and share.

Damp in winter stuffy in the usmmer, dark all year round. Those are cut-rate hotels in Paris, but how much time are you going to spend in them? The best of the bunch is the 30 room New Orient Hotel at 16, Rue Constantinople a ten minute walk from the Parc Monceau, lots of antiques, very French. 82 Euros for a single with a shower, 105 for a double.

Museums in Paris are expensive. You can get multi-day passes, ranging from 38-72 Euros, which is only good if you intend on cramming in a lot of museum visits. But if you go to the newly restored Musee du Petit Palais, just off the Champs-Elysees, you can climb her sweeping staircases for free. Nice Pauper price. Also check into the Musee Rodin, lots of sculptures and costs you ONE euro.

Best Money Saving Tip

The one hour- one way ride- on the No. 69 public bus for 1.40 euros. The bus starts and ends at two tourist destinations---the Eiffel Tower and Pere Lachaise Cemetary. Best part---you mingle with the French people, not tourists.