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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Hotel Confessions

Hotel rooms are infested with germs.

Certain items in hotel rooms never get cleaned. The biggest trouble psots include the TV remote control, telephone, and clock radio. Travel with a package of antibacterial wipes, and clean these items when you arrive.

also, while reputable hotels provide fresh linens, bedspreads might be lceaned only once every few months. Remove them from the bed, when you check in. Aks for clean blankets as soon as you arrive.

The lost and found is a great resource for cell phone users.

If you use a cell phone, odds are that someday you'll forget to bring your recharging cord or lose it in transit. If you're staying at a hotel, there's no need to buy a replacement. Recharging cords are the #1 item left behind in hotel rooms. MOst hotels are willing to lend cords from thier lost and found--- but guests rarely ask.