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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Dressing and Reading On A Trip

Here are some cool ideas you can use in your travels, dear Pauper-

Dress to be noticed.
When you're traveling with a group of Paupers, make sure one person is wearing an easily identifiable piece of clothing. With a small group of 5 fellow Paupers in LOndon, we got seperated, and the only way we found each toher at busy intersections and tube stations was because I was wearing a bright-red overcoat. (with blue patches on the elbows)

Be an early book worm
If you love to read on a cruise, bring your own paperbacks for sure, but also visit the ships book-exchange shelf in the ship's library. It's best to visit early, on the day of embrkation so you can find some current best-sellers to swap with the ones you've finished on your way to port.